The Friuli-Venezia Giulia region is rich in itineraries and paths for trekking and pleasant excursions to discover the wonders that characterize our territory.

Trekking is definitely one of the sports that allows you to observe and discover the natural places and to enjoy days immersed in nature, sport, fun and relax.

Walking is an activity that should be done routinely for the physical and mental health of our body.

Near our farmhouse you can explore different routes of different difficulty levels ranging from the easiest, ideal for families with children, to those more challenging, for more experienced hikers.

The trails and paths are always well-maintained and kept clean in all seasons of the year. So you can travel the same route in different seasons and observe the same place with different colors and scents characteristic of different seasons.


For those who are not local or know very little the territory, they could be braked to undertake an excursion alone in a new place and instead prefer to join groups of experts.

With regard to this, we mention the naturalistic guides of Prealpi Cansiglio Association that organize different outings of different duration and difficulty during the year.

The trekking paths