Wine is the lifeblood of the agricultural activity carried out at any Holiday Farmhouse and in Sacile, in the village of Ronche, it is the most genuine expression of an entire district.

Until just a few years ago, wine was considered purely as a foodstuff, whereas it has now become a commodity, even a luxury.

Despite these profound changes in the way wine is used and produced, it still bears witness to Italian civilisation and each bottle tells a story of long-standing traditions and enticing innovations.

Wine has never been the only drink available to people, but it has certainly been the only one to have acquired powerful ritual and religious meanings and to have gained an absolutely central position, alongside bread and oil.

Wine is also certainly the only drink that has preserved its rich metaphorical associations, which have linked it variously to blood, to intoxication, to strength, to wit, to friendship and to high spirits. “In vino veritas” is a common saying, but, alongside truth, wine also conceals much of Italy’s history.