The Cansiglio forest, not far from the Holiday Farmhouse, is an important ecosystem that came into the hands of the Republic of Venice at the start of the 15th century.

It is now one of the most interesting, largest and best-preserved woods in Italy. In the Middle Ages it was considered a royal wood and was strictly protected both in terms of its royal hunting rights and with regard to the use of its wood. It was first mentioned in 932 A.D. when the King of Italy Berengario gave it to Count Ajmone, Bishop of Belluno.

The bishops of Belluno owned it until the early 15th century, when the town of Belluno took an oath of allegiance to the Republic of Venice. In 1548 the Council of Ten decided to entrust it to a so-called captain of Cansiglio forest who would regulate its use and in accordance with the regulations of the woods of San Marco would allocate it to the shipyard as building material.

The timber was transported to Venice by floating it along the river Piave, starting at the lake of Santa Croce, where the trunks were assembled and sent off down a canal specifically dug for the purpose all the way to Ponte delle Alpi.  The Cansiglio plateau is made of limestone. The water very slowly dissolves the rocks, creating a hydraflow underground.

The well-preserved natural environment gives visitors a deep feeling of peace and freedom, thanks to the beauty of the beech and conifer (spruce and silver fir) woods. Cansiglio can be reached from Sacile by way of the provincial road that leads up from Caneva and from Sarone.