The Livenza springs

From the Holiday Farmhouse, take the road northward, passing through Ronche-Fiaschetti and heading towards Polcenigo, and you will approach the Palu’ del Livenza area. Here lie some of the most extraordinary water sites you could wish to see: the Livenza springs.

The river rises in Friuli, on the border with the Veneto region, where the first karst spring can be found, the Gorgazzo, which gushes out from a hollow at the foot of the Cansiglio plateau; it is presumably a funnel that is filled by water from the plateau above and it is thought that there must be a large underground basin that replenishes it.

This is an intensely magical place on account of the brilliant blue water, the bright green vegetation and the sense of mystery that surrounds the cave. Not far off, near the holy sanctuary of the Santissima, lies the second Livenza spring.

Here, too, the landscape is utterly breathtaking, so much so that it has been painted several times by Luigi Nono, a well-known artist from Sacile. The spring has a substantial flow (it can be navigated all the way from its source) and the water gushes constantly from the limestone rock.