Located in the central-orienetal area of ​​Friuli Venezia Giulia, Udine is a town with squares with Venetian charm and ancient buildings.

On the hill of the city rises the castle, from which you can see the mountains that surround it and the Adriatic Sea.

The castle is also home to the Civic Museums which include several sections: the Archaeological Museum, the Gallery of Drawings and Prints, the Museum of Photography and the Gallery of Ancient Art with precious paintings of the XVI-XIX centuries.

Udine in the eighteenth century was the city where Giambattista Tiepolo reached artistic maturity. His masterpieces can be admired in the galleries of the Tiepolo in the Patriarchal palace, in the Duomo and in the Church of the Purità.


After work, people usually find themselves in the traditional osterias for the tale of tajut: taste a glass of wine (tajut) to savor in a convivial atmosphere.