Located to the extreme north-east, on the borders with Slovenia, Trieste lies within reach of the Holiday Farmhouse by train or car (it takes just over an hour from Sacile).

A gaily-coloured city, a pearl set into the heart of Europe, Trieste is the capital of the province of the same name as well as being the capital of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region, and has always provided a natural crossroads, both from an historical and cultural point of view, between east and west.

It has a quite distinctive charm, characterised by its Central European spirit, by the sea, by the Carso high plain, by its artistic wonders, by historical events, by literary memories and by the introduction of cultural and religious elements from outside.

The Miramare castle, the Unita’ d’Italia square, the Borgo Teresiano district, James Joyce, Italo Svevo and operetta are just some of the “icons” of this city. Yet Trieste, with its fascinating hinterland, is something more.

It is a collection of unique atmospheres and authentic flavours all wrapped up in an almost fairytale setting, where the greenery of the vegetation and the white of the karst cliffs form a natural continuum with the blue of the Adriatic sea.