Less than an hour from our holiday farmhouse you van reach the city of Treviso.

The city is located in an area full of springs, locally know as “fontanassi”.

Paleovenetian village built in pre-Roman times on three hills near a bend od the river Sile, in a territory rich in water resources.

The main rivers Sile and Cagnan creep through the streets and give a unique charm to the historic  center of of Treviso enclosed by ancient walls.

The heart of the city and the meeting place of inhabitants of Treviso is Piazza dei Signori, which with Palazzo dei Trecento and the elegant Loggia dei Cavalieri make it an enchanting city.

Treviso is rich in artistic treasures. In the Cathedral, for example, we find the Malchiostro Chapel, where inside there are depicted the frescoes of Pordenone and the altarpiece with the Annunciation by Tiziano.

Other works of art are enclosed in the museum department of St, Catherine oft he servants of Mary. Also worthy of a visit are the Dominician church of San Nicolò and the carraresi house, which has become in the years the seat of prestigious international exhibitions.


Treviso is a city to visit in every season and to be discovered at a slow pace following the waterways to savor every corner.