The history of Sacile has often intersected with the history of Venice. The lagoon city is within easy reach of the Holiday Farmhouse, the most convenient way being by taking the Venezia-Udine train.

Writing about Venice in just a few words is an impossible feat. Not only is it one of the world’s most outstandingly beautiful cities, but it is also a place whose history is so rife with incident that it imbues every single stone of its fabric.

This is why it is an extraordinary experience not merely to visit Venice’s great sights, but also simply to wander around its narrow streets, discover its more secluded areas and come across hidden corners that at second glance reveal capitals, bas reliefs and inscriptions that tell the story of past centuries and events.

Venice is so full of things to see that a year would probably not be enough to do it justice. In fact a whole lifetime would probably not be long enough. For those with less than a year or a lifetime available, the first thing to do is decide what your priorities are.

From a sightseeing point of view, the most spectacular and number one place on the itinerary is without doubt Saint Mark’s Square and its immediate environs: anyone with just a few hours to spare should probably concentrate on this area. Given that the beauty of Venice lies in the fact that the entire city is a sight in itself, certain areas on the outskirts may perhaps prove even more fascinating than the centre.