The caves of Caglieron

The caves of Caglieron are located in the little village of Breda in Fregona (near Vittorio Veneto) in Treviso province, at about half an hour by car from our farmhouse B&B.

Once you arrive, you will be awestruck by the beautiful view and by the magical atmosphere!

This amazing place is characterised partly by artificial caves and partly by natural waterfalls servel metres high and crossed by the Caglieron stream.

The tour starts with the visit of the artificial caves, from which sandstone, also called sweet stone, was extracted. Sandstome, a stone easy to work with and used for the construction of jambs, architraves and other architectonic elements for houses and buildings.

The extraction of the material was done with large chisels and at separate blocks, in order to avoid rock falls, resulting in inclined buttresses supporting the vault. If you pay attention, the signs left by the chisels are already visible on the walls.

Continuing with the tour, you will reach a wooden boardwalk that crosses the natural part of the Caglieron caves and arrive at theold mill and at the chisels museum (in reminiscence of the ancient profession).


The path ends coming out on road 151, where almost in front of you there is a cave (the Saint Barbara), once used as mushroom patch.


The visit to the Caglieron caves is ideal in all seasons: in the winter, the landscape is wrapped in the magic of the frozen waterfalls; while in the summer, the noise of the water from the waterfalls and the colours of vegetation enhance a pleasant visit to enjoyed in complete ease.

The entry is free and it is recommended to wear rubber-sole shoes due to the presence of some wet and slippery parts of the route.

How to reach the Caglieron caves:

from the motorway Mestre-Vittorio Veneto, take the exit for Vittorio Veneto Sud, follow the directions for Fregona until you find the indications for the Caglieron caves in the town of Breda.