The principal town of Valcanale, Tarvisio is a large municipality and an important winter sports and holiday resort, situated on the border between Italy, Austria and Slovenia. The town offers visitors wonderful walks as well as various entertainments and artistic-cultural options.

In both summer and winter it is easy to reach a number of fabulous locations from Tarvisio. First of all there is Mount Lussari: an outstanding belvedere and the site of an important sanctuary, it is a theatre of historical and legendary events.

The top attraction of the Tarvisio district, however, is its huge state-owned forest that covers more than 40 thousand hectares: this extraordinary wooded area, which is now protected, along with the neighbouring Carinthian and Slovenian forests, represents an ecosystem that has few equals in the entire Alpine arc. It is, for example, home to a number of brown bears. This extraordinary natural environment, which is for the most part unspoilt, provides a refuge for chamois and roe deer and its vegetation has remained intact for centuries.

Concrete evidence of the age-old history of Valcanale is still visible in the houses and in the 16th-century Venetian Palace in Malborghetto (which houses an ethnographic museum and library) and in the Museo della Foresta forest museum. Tarvisio and its surrounding district lie along one of the main European communication routes, the Vienna-Venice-Rome line. Tarvisio is within easy reach of the Holiday Farmhouse and Sacile.

Monte Lussari inverno

Once you are in Tarvisio, you could not miss the excursion along Fusine lakes, a complex of two small lakes,  Upper Lake (Lago Superiore) and Lower Lake (Lago Inferiore), located a short distance from each other and considered among the most beautiful examples of an alpine lake.