Basket Festival in Polcenigo 2017


From 2nd to 3rd September 2017 takes place the centuries-old “Sagra dei Thest” in Polcenigo, in the province of Pordenone.

In these days thousand of people go to the fair to buy craft products typical of ancient professions, realized with different materials (wicker, rush, wood, ceramic, leather, ect.).

The festival started for more than 300 years and was born as a simple market of baskets, where people went on the eve of grape harvest and of the corn harvest to buy baskets and rural tools.

At the beginning the festival held at the Sanctuary of Santissima, near the springs of Livenza, moving then in the years in the centre of Polcenigo.

During the days of the festival basket makers and other artisans show in real time how they realize by hand basket and other handcrafted objects.

Still today the municipality of Polcenigo organizes courses to learn the old art of weaving.

During the years the festival grew up, giving ever more space to other cultural and leisure activities: theatre performance, concerts, exhibitions and stands with local artistic handmade objects and typical food and wine products.

Between gastronomic products deserve to be visited the Exhibition of the Market of “Formai de Malga” (malga cheeses) and the stands with typical products of Pedemontana foothills (cured meats, pitina, honey, oil and wines).

Pitina is a smoked and flavoured meat ball made with sheep or chamois meat.

Furthermore, in these days it is possible to partecipate to the guided tour of the old mill and there will be entertainments and animations for children.

The “Sagra dei Thest” is of course an occasion to rediscover the ancient professions of our ancestors and to go back in time.

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