Basket Festival in Polcenigo 2018

On Saturday 1st and on Sunday 2nd September 2018 there will be the “Sagra dei Thest” (Basket Festival) in Polcenigo.

This traditional festival, has reached its 345th edition, and takes place every year on the first weekend of September.

Once farmers were used to go to this festival to buy baskets needed for the grape harvest and and harvest of maize.

Today it remains an important event with a big cultural significance, where it is possible to rediscover ancient trades and traditions of the territory.

During the days of the fair there are basket makers and artisans show in real time how they realize by hand basket and other handcrafted objects.

The art of weaving was a true heritage of each artisan of the past.

The farmers and fishermen used to build baskets and objects useful for their jobs during their break from work.

Art that was well thought out to enhance and pass on. The Pro Loco of Polcenigo, in fact, organizes courses to learn the art of weaving.

During the festival besides to meet crafters and artisans, you can find gastronomic stands with local products of the territory (cured meats, pitina, honey, oil and wines).

Pitina is a smoked and flavoured meat ball made with sheep or chamois meat.

On the occasion of the Basket Festival why not visit the works of Humus Park realized with natural materials located between Polcenigo and Palù di Livenza?

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