Basket Festival in Polcenigo

The historical Basket Festival (Sagra dei Thest) takes place the first weekend of September in Polcenigo, where you can find local carft products of the ancient professions , realized with different materials (wicker, rush, wood, ceramic, leather, ect.).

The festival started for more than 300 years and was born as a simple market of baskets, where people went on the eve of grape harvest and of the corn harvest to buy baskets and rural tools.
At the beginning the festival held at the Sanctuary of Santissima, near the springs of Livenza, moving then in the years in the centre of Polcenigo.

During the days of the festival basket makers and other artisans show in real time how they realize by hand basket and other handcrafted objects.

Sagra dei Thest Polcenigo Friuli