Bird Festival 2017 in Sacile

On Sunday 20th August 2017 Sacile cheers-up with the chirping of different bird species in occasion of the historical Bird Festival (Sagra dei Osei).

The centuries-old fair has reached the 744th edition and is famous in all over Europe. Its first exhibition goes back to 2nd August 1274 with the name of Saint Lorenz Market, outside the town walls.

For over 700 years until today, the annual appointment of the Bird Festival is on the first Sunday after the Assumption Feast (15th August).

The main event of the festival is the national exhibition of birds, with about 50.000 birds to admire and the famous song contest, in which the best singer for each canary categories (exotic, individual canaries, group of canaries and hybrids) will be elected as “Tordo Nazionale” (“National thrush bird”).

The day is enhanced with the competition of “chioccolatori” or “Tweeters”, in which excellent imitators reproduce the singing of the birds. In addition, the exhibition of country yard animals, wine exhibition of the Friuli-Venezia-Giulia, apiculture exhibition, dog show and art and photographic exhibitions.

Come to visit the most important European birds event!

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