Monday Easter in Caneva castle 2019

Ideas for Easter Monday? Why not take part in the excursion between the ruins of the ancient castle of Caneva, just a few minutes from our farmhouse with Pro Castello Caneva?

On Monaday 22nd of April 2019 the 60th edition of the traditional outing to the countryside in the ruins of the ancient keep takes place.

An excellent opportunity to enjoy a day immersed in nature and the panoramic view of the town from the hillside position on which the castle ruins lay.

A simple religious celebration will follow in the ancient church, frescoed with works of the ‘500.

Meeting at 9:00 am at the castle area of ​​the castle of Caneva.


For further information:
“Pro Castello” Association Caneva
Tel. 0434 79510


Pasquetta in castello di Caneva
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