Saint Christopher’s Way

Cammino di San Cristoforo

Saint Christopher’s Way (Cammino di San Cristoforo), an itinerary in Western Friuli praticable on foot or by bicycle.

A fascinating itinerary of 260 km, where pilgrims, walkers, lovers of slow tourism and sweet mobility, can find everything that meets their expectations: natural scenery of rare beauty, places of deep spirituality, rich testimonies of history, art, culture and traditions.

The Way, which finds its symbolic guide in the Holy Protector of travelers, has no starting point and a predetermined point of arrival, but it is itself the destination.

Everyone can program it according to their own interests.

The Friulian section crosses the municipalities of Pordenone, Cordenons, San Quirino, Vivaro, Vajont, Caneva, Polcenigo, Budoia, Aviano, Montereale Valcellina, Maniago, Frisanco, Meduno, Tramonti di Sotto, Travesio, Castelnovo del Friuli, Clauzetto, Vito D’Asio, Pinzano al Tagliamento, Spilimbergo, Sequals, Arba, Cavasso Nuovo, Fanna.

It is also possible to download the Camino app which allows walkers and walkers to easily orient themselves along the route, viewing their position on the route via the GPS of the device even without an internet connection. Available for both Android and iOS devices. Also in case of distraction, an alarm will warn if you are straying from the track.

Along the way you can stop in our farmhouse holiday Le Favole or taste our cuisine in our farm restaurant TerraRossa.

The legs

  1. Stevenà – Aviano
  2. Aviano – Manigo
  3. Maniago – Meduno
  4. Meduno – Clauzetto
  5. Clauzetto – Spilimbergo
  6. Spilimbergo – Maniago
  7. Pordenone  – Cordenons – Maniago
  8. Pordenone – Cordenons – Spilimbergo

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