Have you ever tried canoeing or is it a sport you like to practice?

From our farmhouse you can reach routes of different levels of difficulty and environmental characteristics.

The canoe is one of the water sports that allows you to spend time immersed in silence and enjoy the peace and beauty of the places crossed and, above all seen from another perspective from which we are used to doing.

It is also an ideal sport for children and therefore practicable together with the whole family.

In Sacile and its surroundings there are several river routes along the waterways of Livenza, Meduna and Noncello that you can navigate by canoe.


You can choose different itineraries, depending on the aspects of your interest: naturalistic, historical or cultural.

There are path suitable for beginners and others ideal for experienced canoeists of different difficulty levels.



Download the fluvial tourist map and plan your canoe itinerary!

Canoeing sailing itineraries:

  • Among the canals of Sacile
  • Springs of Santissima
  • Itinerary Nave di Fontanafredda-Sacile
  • Destination Villa Varda
  • In Gorgazzo
  • The countyside crossed by Livenza


Among the canals of Sacile like in Venice

A naturalistic and cultural itinerary to travel among the Livenza river between the centre of Sacile. This itinerary will let you relive the ancient way connected with Venice, used for wares exchange  and  transit zones for people.

An easy rout and at the same time exciting, concern naturalistic and historical aspects crossimg Brugnera, Fontanafredda, Caneva and Polcenigo.

The Livenza river can be crossed by kayak and raft (rafting).

River route: 1 km with an avarage time of 40 minutes.


The Springs of Santissima

An easy itinerary of 2 km with a sport-naturalistic feature, navigable in about an hour.

A natural scenery emerald waters of Livenza among the Santissima Springs in Polcenigo (PN).


Itinerary Nave di Fontafredda- Sacile

An other itinerary of 5 km navigable with extreme facility in an avarage time of 1 hour.

The itinerary starts from Nave di Fontanafredda (small church S. Antonio Abate) until the centre of Sacile, characterized by some parts with lush vegetation and, if you are lucky, you can meet the typical fauna of the place. An route suitable for both adults and children.


Destination Villa Varda

A river route of 15 km for an avarage time of 2 hour and half / 3 of medium difficulty.

The route starts from the centre of Sacile and arrives in the branches of majestic trees from which it will appear one of the most beautiful villa, Villa Varda in Brugnera.

From there you can relax in the enchanting park that surrounds the villa.


In Gorgazzo

The itinerary that sees protagonist the Gorgazzo with a fluvial route of 3 km navigable in 1 hour. It is suitable for a more experienced audience. In fact, it is a path of a medium-high difficulty level. The complexity of the path is compensated by a view of really beautiful glimpses, starting from the sources of Gorgazzo up to Col Longone, being transported by the course of Livenza.


Among Livenza 

The countryside crossed by Livenza. An easy itinerary of 6 km navigablle in 2 hours from the centre of Sacile up to Caneva.  Possible also with return in Sacile within about 3 hours and half.

Where to practice canoeing in Sacile?

With the association Canoa Club Sacile asd and/or CS Canoe di Spagnol Sandro you can do guided excursions on canoe and kayak trips on Livenza river.

Do you not have the equipment?

Do you not have the equipment with you or it is too cluttered to carry if for travel? Do not worry!

CS Canoe di Spagnol Sandro can provide canoe and kayak rental service.